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    Kekko Bros (The word "Bros" doesn't mean "Brothers") is an italian music producer from Italy. Over 2000 beats sold (in the worldwide in 2 years) using this web site powered by Myflashstore.net
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The hottest Rap Instrumentals

You can find the hottest Rap Instrumentals on our web site. We provide all kinds of beat (dirty south, club, epic, pop, r&b and more) Pushing on “more options” button in the following player, you can choose the options of the beat you want (for example you can sort them for price, for genre and so on). The player is made with html 5 so you can listen our rap instrumentals using a mobile device (iphone, tablet, smartphone). Under the player you can find the steps for buying our rap beats and read about Lease and Exclusive rights. Under the player you can find also the form for joining the mailing list. Submit your email address so you can keep updated on new beats released, free beats, special discounts and so on. Feel free to Contact us for any questions.
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All kinds of Rap Instrumentals

From dirty south to pop music. We provide the best rap instrumentals for reasonable prices. Low price doesn’t mean bad quality but it means making good business. All beats are avaible TAG FREE and they come in your inbox instantly after your purchase(s) NO WAIT TIME.

How to purchase your favorite Beats

In order to buy instrumentals from our website:

  1. Click +ADD next to the beats you wish to order.
  2. Click on the licenses you would like to purchase.
  3. Click the Buy Now button at the bottom right hand side of the myFlashStore player to make payment.
  4. After payment in PayPal, you will instantly receive the download links to your PayPal email address.

Simply pay with PayPal (or with your credit / debit card) and you will be receiving directly to your email your new rap instrumentals instantly, and obviously, TAG Free. All our rap instrumentals are 100 % royalty free, which means that once you purchased a beat, you will never have to pay a penny more to us.


Making the best possible rap instrumentals is been our main goal for years now. Experience, dedication and true passion brought our team of beatmakers and sound engineers to this level, and now we feel like sharing back our knowledge to the artists community by selling instrumentals at very low prices, so that everyone can make a #1 Hit without having to spend thousands of dollars, which is how much many so called famous producers ask for nowadays.

All our rap instrumentals are mixed and mastered to industry standards, so you, the artist, only need to be thinking about the lyrics and recordings of the song: we took care of everything else. We are always more then happy to listen to the songs made with our instrumentals, so feel free to send us your finished work, we might even share it on our website in order to promote you, as the main artist, and us, the beatmakers, at the same time.



Our player is fully compatible with all modern browsers (Firefox, Explorer, Opera, Chrome) and mobile device (iphone, tablet, smartphone), so you can listen our rap instrumentals everywhere

It’s very easy to buy rap instrumentals online nowadays, but it can be very expensive. This is why we provide cheap lease instrumentals, which doesn’t mean “cheap beats”: they are, in fact, the same instrumentals we sell as exclusives. If your music career has just started… Read more about lease rights.

If you are looking for exclusive beats, you probably are very serious and dedicate to your music. As you know, exclusive rights for rap instrumentals aren’t as cheap as lease rights, but they do come with much more benefits… Read more about exclusive rights of rap instrumentals.

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